Our Mission

PhoenFX is organized exclusively for the purpose of supporting local charities, fraternal organizations and other non profits through the design and management of community based events, as well as engaging in fundraising activities in support of those events

In essence we help other non profits have a successful “fun”draiser without the headaches of organizing the event themselves! From start to finish we are working with them to make sure that everything gets done to achieve their end goals. Its a win win.

We work side by side with any non profits that ask us to help them achieve their event goals. From Future Farmers of America to Autism Speaks to Sigma Alpha we love helping organizations succeed!

We make it simple. The non profit asks for help and we do all the event planning including special effects and permitting. We work on sponsorship for the event to defray any costs. Then the ticket sales for the event goes directly to the non profit…100%! Simple!

In order to make the special effects, decorations, apply for permits and run the event, we rely on volunteers and donations from our community. Please donate today in order for us to continuing helping others achieve their goals!

Haunts for a Cause… Do you dare donate for the greater good? Buwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

How we Help

From beginning to end, we have what you need for a successful event!

Behind the Scenes

Want to see how it happens? So do we! We love watching our engineers make it all work out!


We might make the magic but its directly due to our amazing sponsors!